The Impressive Ways Boomerangs are Being Used Today

The Impressive Ways Boomerangs are Being Used Today

What is a Boomerang?

Boomerangs are a type of weapon that is used for hunting and battle. They are also a recreational item.

The boomerang was used as a tool for hunting and fighting by Indigenous Australians. Who would throw the boomerang from their hand or from a device called an 'Aeroche. The boomerangs were primarily used as hunting weapons

Some people use boomerangs as recreational items. Mainly because they can be thrown from many positions and angles to perform various tricks. A modern boomerang in the west, is a toy that flies when it is thrown. It's a flat object made of wood, plastic or metal.

How Did they Originate?

Boomerangs originate from Australia where they were traditionally used by the Indigenous Australians for hunting and fighting. The origins of the word boomerang can be traced back to one of two words in the Indigenous Australian language. Either "boon" meaning "to throw" or "ba" meaning "to come".

How to Choose the Best Boomerang for Your Needs

Boomerangs are used to hunt and for recreational purposes. The most common types of boomerangs in the world are the returning boomerang and non-returning boomerang.

The use of boomerangs can be traced back to Prehistoric times, when hunters would throw them at their prey. They were primarily used in Australia, Papua New Guinea, North America, South America and Africa.

Boomerangs used for hunting usually only fly straight forward with a high amount of velocity. Before returning back to its starting point after hitting an object like a tree or animal. Boomerangs manufactured for hunting purposes will typically have a curved flight path. Therefore making it easier to hunt wild game by leading it into natural traps or luring it into areas that would prevent escape.

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Uses for Boomersangs in Everyday Life

Boomerangs are an ancient weapon that have been used for hunting, self-defense, and recreation. Over the years, boomerangs have evolved and now we can find them in a variety of colors and shapes. Here’s a couple of ideas.


This is a great activity for adults and kids alike! You can make up games like target practice or capture the flag with your friends and family!

Recreational Boating

If you're feeling adventurous, why not take your boomerang out on the water? Boomerangs are great for scaring away pesky seagulls. Being made of wood or plastic, most boomerangs float. Incase you get your angles wrong and it ends up in the water.

Target Practice

The target practice mode was specifically designed to help you practise your throwing skills.

This mode is perfect for those of you who are beginners. It lets you throw boomerangs at a target of your choice. So that you can hone your skills before heading out on the field. You can choose from simple or challenging targets. Or even create your own with the use of the included design tool.

This game also has a variety of challenges for more experienced players to try. Including free-throw challenges and slalom courses that will test your precision skills to their limits. The aim for the target game is very fun and engaging. Especially if you are an enthusiast about boomerangs.


A boomerang is a hunting tool that has been in use for over 10,000 years. It is thrown towards an animal or prey to catch it or kill it. Hunting with a boomerang is done by throwing the boomerang at the prey. This can be done when the animal is not far away from you, when it is running towards you, or when you are running towards it.

Sporting Activities

It was not until 1987 that boomerangs were popularised in the United States and they became a common sporting activity. Boomerangs are best used for sports games with one or two players.

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